Our Services to You


Our company can handle

  • the enhancement and maintenance of your existing windows desktop and web applications. 
  •  the development and maintenance of SharePoint applications.
  • the deployment of ASP.Net Core applications from Visual Studio IDE to Azure cloud environment.




Application Software Design and Development

Our team have over 15 years solid experience in the design of desk-top and online web applications  using various Microsoft development tools including programming languages such as C#, VB.NET and Angular 2 - Angular 9 for ASP.NET Core environment with Entity Framework handling the interface with a SQL database back-end.

We also handle the design and development of SharePoint 10 to 19 solutions using ASP.NET and SharePoint Designer in creating solutions.

Data Migration

  • We can migrate your legacy data on Excel spread-sheets to SQL database and SharePoint files for easy manipulation and data processing.
  • We can migrate SQL database data on your premises SQL Database Server to Azure cloud database server.


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